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Certzign is the fun way to make certificates!


1. Select template

Select from over 100 beautifully handcrafted templates in various styles and formats.


2. Add your details

Add your own certificate details, signature, logo and more.


3. Grow your business

Automatically generate certificates for all your webinars, zoom training and courses!

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Rewarding users is the path to fidelity

If you ever run webinar, zoom training calls or even sell courses online, leaving your customers cold at the end is most of the time a missed opportunity.

Providing some kind of rewards or certificates to users is proven to increase brand fidelity by 79%. 



Problem is, creating certificates at scale is tedious

The issue is, certificates need to be produced at scale. You need a new certificate for each new clients, and you also need different styles for the various courses you own. And that's where most people struggle and just end out not bothering with creating certificates for their business.

And buying them online is frankly not worth it.

The alternative is to hire someone on Upwork or Fiverr, and hope that they would do a good job.

But the truth is, most of these providers use Photoshop macros and other software to churn out ads to you, while you could do the same with Certzign in less time that it would take you to explain what you want.


Are you still missing out on using certificates in your marketing?
Do you wish you could reward zoom or courses attendees?

Do you wish there was a simpler way?


Certzign makes it easy to create beautiful certificates for your courses and training services businesses.

Certificate making made easy

What if all it took was 3 steps to create over 100 different certificates for your business?


First, choose a certificate style, whether it's a highly designed one, a formal elegant style or a minimalist style...

Next, pick a color that match your brand. 

And finally, enter your certificate recipient, the issuer name and some more details and you're done!


Minimalist, designed, elegant... all the styles you'll ever need.

Certzign includes all the most popular styles and is constantly adding more, so that you can focus on your business and not on creatives!


While the Minimalist style is perfect if you want your certificates to be understated; the Elegant and Designed styles are much more elaborate! Check out all the templates further down the page.



Print-ready certificates

Need to print your certificates for an event?


Certzign comes with print-ready A4 templates, so it only takes a click to bring your certificate to life!

Works with any brand

Certzign support all kinds of logos, from square to horizontal or even vertical logos. Furthermore, each template style has about 10 color choices so you can always make your certificates match your brand.

For mobile and desktop

While the default output of Certzign is either horizontal or vertical certificates (A4), each template also come with a square version which is perfect for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Pinterest!


100 amazing templates
for all occasions


Certzign makes it easy to create beautiful certicates in minimalist, elegant and designed styles.


Understated yet incredibly gorgeous


Perfect for academia or to make a statement


Fun and approachable style for all occasions

 Special bonus! 

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10 Creative Ways You Can Use Certificates in your business

Not sure where to start? This special report from the Youzign team will show you 10 creative ways you can Certzign in your business. 


Wether it's rewarding your Zoom attendees,  delivering awards to your best virtual assistants or incentivizing users to finish your courses, we got you covered!


365 days guarantee

Truth be told, we have now been in business for 10 years, and we fully intend to stay for at the very least another 20 years. And this is all thanks to you. So in order to give you the best service possible, all our products now include a 365 day money back guarantee. So if at any point you feel like the service we are delivering is not worth your money, you can ask us and request a full refund within one year of your purchase.


This is perfect for:

  • Agencies - use Certzign for your clients
  • Coaching businesses - reward your clients
  • Training / selling courses - reward your attendees
  • Other service and product businesses - sell more!

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